Do the right thing and do it right!


In order to get the best benefits out of these powerful health tools, you have to use them correctly. Read the materials in this brochure before you start the program. Please make sure you understand your needs, the restrictions, and all the information that may help you fully benefit from these herbal formulas.


Preparation of CESSIAC


(1) Shake very well.

(2) Mix 2 oz of CESSIAC with 4 oz hot distilled water (The ratio is always 1 oz of CESSIAC to 2 oz of hot distilled water). It has to be distilled water. Do not use tap water, mineral water, or spring water. Sodium in non-distilled water will reduce the effect of the herbal drink. The distilled water should be heated until steam starts to appear before mixing with CESSIAC (Do Not overheat it). This will bring the herbal drink to about the temperature at which the enzymes in the product are most active. If the water is too hot, it will destroy the enzymes in the herbal drink. Never use microwave oven to heat up the water nor the herbal drink. It will destroy the enzymes completely. Use only steel or corning ware to heat up the water. Do not use aluminum pot. If distilled water is not available, CESSIAC can be taken straight. Pour CESSIAC into a glass and submerge the glass in hot water. Wait for about 5 minutes until CESSIAC gets warm before drinking.

(3) Drink with an empty stomach. That means 1 hour before meal (any food or drink) or 2 hours after meal. Try not to take any food or drink during this time to allow full absorption and assimilation of the herbal drink.


Major Need (Life Threatening Condition):

Three times a day, 2 oz of CESSIAC each time.

We suggest the following time schedule:


Drink 2 oz immediately after waking up. Brush your teeth after one hour instead of before drinking to avoid chemical reaction between CESSIAC and tooth paste. Have breakfast an hour after drinking CESSIAC.


Drink 2 oz at least 2 hours after lunch. Do not take anything in an hour after taking the herbal drink.


Drink 2 oz before going to bed. There should not be any intake of food or drink within two hours before taking CESSIAC.

When symptoms are gone, switch to normal dosage for three months then switch to maintenance dosage.


It will be beneficial for people with an advanced condition to use a double dosage of CESSIAC (4 oz x 3 times) for the first 30 days in order to curb the normal rapid deterioration of the condition.


Normal Need (Non-Life-Threatening Condition):

Two times a day, 2 oz each time — best to be in the morning and evening before going to bed (please refer to the above for details in preparation of CESSIAC).

Switch to maintenance dosage when symptoms are gone.


For the first 2 months, two times a day, 2 oz of CESSIAC each time. Then switch to 1 to 2 oz a day for prevention ( 1 oz of CESSIAC to 2 oz of hot distilled water). If you feel you need to boost up your immune system for any reason (e.g. flu, cold etc.), you can increase the dosage to 4 to 6 oz a day. (Please refer to the above for details in preparation of CESSIAC)

By taking CESSIAC on a regular basis, you will keep your blood and cells clean and enable your immune system to function as it is designed to.

Remember to put the CESSIAC bottle in the refrigerator once it is opened.


Yes, it is very particular and troublesome but it will give you the best possible results.



YUCCALIVE can be taken any time and with anything (juice or water). However, for better results, we always suggest people to take YUCCALIVE with meal (5-10 minutes before meal).

1 oz, 1 to 2 times a day.

Remember to put the Yuccalive bottle in the refrigerator once it is opened. Unless user has an edema problem, it is to the user’s benefit to take at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water serves as a medium to flush the toxins out of the body. Remember these two herbal drinks are not medicine. They are tools providing a complete and powerful detoxification effect to your body. Through detoxification, your immune system will function properly again to help you regain your health. If your body is healthy, it can take care of most of the degenerative symptoms. When CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE work together, they enhance the result of each other. It is very important for people to use both.Pay attention to changes in your body system. Watch your excretions including urination, feces, sweat, mucus etc. You may notice toxins being drained out of your body through different channels. When your body’s toxin level comes down, your immune system will start working properly again. The immune system is the most powerful healing tool that God gave us. Once it functions as it is designed to, it can take care of most of the degenerative diseases that we have.

Most Common mistakes:

  1. Do not use a spoon to measure. Use a measuring cup or even a milk bottle for accuracy.

  2. Do not use a microwave oven to heat up your CESSIAC or YUCCALIVE

Use It Right — For Your Own Benefits

Even with the right tools, you have to use them right!

If you are using CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE to help you rebuild your health or maintain your health, you should know how to use them in the right manner in order to get the best out of them. We would like to bring your attention to the fact that many people, though they have read through the usage instructions or obtained information from the MPS staff, are still using the herbal drinks in an incorrect manner. Please understand that it is crucial for you to use these herbal remedies correctly.

Please note that the herbal drinks are not medicine. They are not designed for treating particular illnesses. They are powerful tools to help you strengthen your immune system — your health. Our focus is not just on the symptoms but on the body health as a whole. Once you regain your health, the symptoms will be taken care of automatically. When your health improves, your immune system will not just take care of one illness but will adjust your body functions and bring you back to a balanced and healthy state.


“Cancer is not a local but a general disease, caused chiefly by the poisoning of foodstuffs prepared by modern farming and food industry. Medicine must be able to adapt its therapeutic methods to the damages of the processes of our modern civilization.

A method is elaborated to detoxify the body, kill the tumor masses and to absorb and eliminate them (restoration of the healing power)”



(1) Always be happy and optimistic. Worries will only worsen your situation.

(2) Try your best to stay away from man made chemicals ……. tooth paste, shampoo, detergent, preserved food…..etc.

(3) Try to avoid: tobacco, salt, sharp spices, tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, alcohol, refined sugar, refined flour, candies, ice cream, cream, cake, all canned foods, bottled or boxed juices, all fat/oils/salt substitutes, hair dyes, pigeon, duck, mango, pineapple. (In the course of the healing periods, we observed many factors which not only retarded healing processes but produced new growths, and we learned from these observations how many factors in our modern civilization which we had regarded harmless damage our bodies).

(4) Take as much as possible freshly prepared vegetable and fruit juices:Orange juice, carrot juice, green leaf juice, wheat grass juice, grape juice, grapefruit juice, tomato juice, apple juice.

(5) Moderate exercises & ample rest. Try your best to avoid stress.

(6) Have faith in God. He is the Lord of Life and Death. Believe in the power of prayers. Many people are praying for you.