“C” Formula




Performed By:

            Guangdong Provincial Institute of Material Medica, Pharmacology Department, Mr. Lui & Ms. Chan


            To observe the acute toxic reaction of white mice following the oral admiration of “C” Formula.


Testing Materials:

1. Medicine:

“C” Formula, provided by Guangdong Star Medicine Science and Technology Development Company.

2. Animals:

NIH breed white mice, weight 20-22g, provided by Guangdong Provincial Experiment Animal Farm.

Experiment Procedure and Result:

1. Treatment of medicine: Condense 1,000 ml of “C” Formula into 20ml over double boiler to be used in the experiment.

2. Acute Toxicity test: Select 30 white mice weight between 20 to 22g each, 15 male and 15 female. Mouth feed mice with condensed Formula according to 0.4ml/10g (equivalent to the strength of 2,000ml/kg of the original medicine) all at once. Observed continuously for 7 days after feeding. All mice survived with normal appetite and vitality. It is concluded that the mice can take up to 2,000ml/kg. of “C” Formula. This dosage is equivalent to 555 times of the normal daily dosage of an adult or 1,666 times of one normal dosage of an adult.


It Is concluded that oral administration of the “C” Formula Is safe,