Many people think alternative medicine is not reliable because it has no scientific proof. Though normally less damaging than conventional medicine, the effect of alternative medicine is usually not tested. After many years of research and studies under the supervision of the Ministry of Health of China, our products CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE are proven to be safe and effective in restoring health. By providing complete cleansing to the body, they manage to help people unleash their own healing power thus restoring their health.  CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE are folklore remedies which have been existing for hundreds of years in the Native Indian culture. Now, these Canadian herbal remedies are also scientifically proven by extensive independent control studies.  Please see the clinical study reports for more detail.


When the CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE combination is allowed to work with other herbal products to provide a strong healing matrix,  the healing effect will be rapid and obvious.  Remember these products are just tools to unleash your healing power.  Your own immune system is the most powerful medicine you have against degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, lupus, heart disease, hypertension etc.  As long as you provide the detoxification, protection, balance, and organ function enhancement to the body, your self-healing power will perform wonders to correct your health problems.

Our products are now made in a Canada with extremely stringent quality control procedures to guarantee their quality meets the specifications and requirements set by the Chinese Ministry of Health.