CnY for Clinical
These North American native Indian herbal remedies were introduced into China, the herbal kingdom, in 1993.  There were several ingredients in the remedies that even the Chinese did not have any information on them.  At the requirement of the Ministry of Health of China, numerous tests and studies were conducted by three major hospitals in China.  These hospitals included the Beijing Chinese Medicine University East Gate Hospital, the People’s Hospital of Gunagdong Province, and the Guangzhou City Cancer Hospital.  The tests and studies included medicinal test, toxicity test, immunological test, tumor inhibition test, and a 245 cases clinical study.  Import permits were finally granted in 1996 by the Ministry of Health of China for these two herbal formulas to be imported into China as the first ever non-traditional Chinese medicine for a Class A disease.  The reports here show the results of the tests and studies done in China.  It was based on these results that the effectiveness of these herbal formulas were confirmed and the import permits were granted.

Since the Ministry of Health of China recognizes herbs as powerful medicines and the Chinese has an organized set of regulations to control herbal medicines,  these two herbal formulas are treated as medicines in China.  However, the health regulatory bodies in North America (FDA & Health Canada) have different sets of regulations toward the use of herbs.  These formulas then shall not be promoted as “medicines” in North America nor any medical claims shall be made.  That is why we are very careful in releasing this information to the general public in order to avoid violation of any regulations.  The manufacturer in fact always emphasizes that the products are just powerful tools that can assist us to get rid of the wastes and toxins accumulated in our bodies.   Once our internal environments become clean again, our immune systems will function properly as they were designed to and our own healing power will be unlocked.