Master Professional Services Ltd., a Canadian company, began its international trading business in June 1990.  The company expanded into international health food business in 1992. We formed MPS (HK) International Limited and MPS (China) International Limited in 1992 and 1993 respectively to handle the Hong Kong and China markets. Throughout the past almost two decades, we have seen how wonderfully our products have helped many people regain their health.

In 1998, we formed MPS International Marketing Inc. to handle the development of the North American market. Our focus has always been on how to help people rebuild their health by using our excellent products.  We truly believe that Health & Wealth are the two basic factors for us to live a fulfilling life. Our mission is to help people achieve an abundant life with good health and financial freedom.

MPS International Marketing Inc. will continue to serve its customers with superior products and health education.  We truly believe that health is in our own hands.  The more we know, the better health decisions we can make.

MPS International Marketing Inc. is the manufacturer of CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE. The MPS Group companies have been working with these herbal formulas for about sixteen years. In 1993, the formulas were introduced to the Chinese Ministry of Health by MPS (China) International Limited. From 1993-1996, many different scientific studies were performed on the formulas in several major hospitals and research institutes in China under strict supervision of the Ministry of Health of China. The clinical study reports speak for themselves about the effectiveness and safety of these two wonderful herbal formulas. The three year research study in China also resulted in the setting up of a quality specification requirement for the formulas by the Ministry of Health of China. These specifications allow MPS to determine whether the finished products will have the potency and effectiveness to do what they are supposed to do. MPS’s Hong Kong companies have also been promoting the formulas in Hong Kong since 1992. Many clinical cases have demonstrated the amazing results of these herbal formulas.

Now CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE are being manufactured in the province of British Columbia in Canada under a G.M.P. medicine manufacturing standard environment. All products are made according to the specification set up by the Ministry of Health of China after three years of testing. MPS has implemented comprehensive measures to ensure that the potency and the effectiveness of these herbal formulas are always maintained to provide the most powerful tools to help you rebuild your health.

CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE are being sold by the MPS Group companies in North America, Hong Kong, China, and some other Southeast Asia countries.  Now, we make our excellent products available to the world through the Internet.