Clinical Summary on Taking CESSIAC C-Formula
and YUCCALIVE Y-Formula from 583 Cases

Dr. John K.F. Fong


With the trend of physiocracy gaining momentum, wide spread promotion of two herbal pharmaceutics originated from aboriginal peoples in Canada —”C” Formula and “Y” Formula herbal teas is under way. Both drugs are safe and non-toxic drinks capable of effectively increasing and adjusting the function of the immunologic system of the body.

“Tea”, in fact, can be a medication of easy-taking and enjoyable.  The promotion of the two herbal teas in Hong Kong has also shown that they are very effective on cancers, asthma, rhinallergosis, lupus erythematosus, etc. To provide more convincing evidence, we are now summarizing the related clinical cases as follows:


I. General Information

1.     Cases: 583
Male: 216   Female: 367
4 to 82 Average: 40
2.     Categories of Diseases:
with the number of
cases being:
Cancer:   288 Asthma: 84
Rhinallergosis:   176   Lupus Erythematosus: 35

II. Diagnosis Standards

The selection of the cases was based on the diagnosis standards of American “Internal Medicine of Hiss”, British “Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine” and Chinese “Practical Internal Medicine”.


III. Estimation Standards

In order to evaluate the clinical effect of “C” Formula and “Y” Formula on the Chinese population, we selected some cases from Guangdong province. The results are summarized as follows:

Healing: Symptoms disappeared and all examination results resumed to nominal;

Notably Effective: Symptoms basically disappeared; and all examination results basically resumed to normal;

Effective: Symptoms remitted to some extent, and all examinations showed some improvements;

Ineffective: None of the symptoms showed any changes, or only some of the symptoms had minor changes.

IV. Method of Administration, Dosage and Precautions


“C” Formula: 60 ml T.I.D.
“Y” Formula: 30 ml Q.D.

The above dosages were administered to the same patient.

“C” Formula should be diluted with twice as much (i.e., 120 ml) distilled water and served warm with empty stomach, and should not be administered with boiled tap water or tea. If no distilled water was available, “C” Formula could be administered directly. Adding distilled water remained the better option for the following reasons: (1) Distilled water is pure water, hence is helpful in discharging toxic substances; (2) The sodium contained in boiled water or other water will interact with some components of “C” Formula, reducing the effectiveness of the latter.

In addition, cool “C” Formula taking out of the refrigerator directly could not be absorbed effectively, causing waste, hence should be warmed up to improve absorption.

V. Results

Overall Estimation:


Healing Notably Effective Effective Ineffective

Total Class

Cases % Cases % Cases % Cases %
Cancer 288 145 50.37 100 34.70 43 14.93
Asthma 84 11 13.09 30 35.71 36 42.86 7 8.33
Rhinallergosis 176 8 4.54 96 54.54 63 35.79 9 5.11
Lupus Erythematosus 35 1 2.86 20 57.14 11 31.43 3 7.14
Sum (Total) 583 20 3.43 291 49.91 210 36.02 62 10.63


Other therapeutical effects:

Besides the above effects, there were also cases showing that the use of “C” Formula could result in notable improvements on the following diseases: diabetes, arthritis, dermatomycosis, gray nail, myiasis, hoary hair, etc.

Vl. Toxic Reactions

During the clinical use of “C” Formula, there were 31 cases showing uncomfortable symptoms: temporary decrease of physical strength, hyposthenia and 18 cases showing abdominal distension, constipation, diarrhea, and uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen. No withdrawal of the drugs and special treatments were needed since the toxic reactions remitted spontaneously with continued use of “C” Formula.

Vll. Typical Cases

1. Jie He, male, 70 years old. He was admitted to Guangzhou City No. 1 People’s Hospital, complaining “pain in the neighborhood of stomach”. His illness was then diagnosed as “adenocarcinoma of pancreas”. Ultrasonic wave examination showed the following: (1) Liver was larger than normal, and the acoustic image was of biliary hepatocirrhosis. (2) The internal and external biliary ducts of liver expanded and the lower section of the common bile duct was blurred. (3) The gallbladder was enlarged and there was cholecystitis. (4) The head of pancreas was enlarged, the echo was low, and space occupying lesion of pancreas could not be ruled out. (Gallbladder: 7.6 x 4.0 cm; head of pancreas: 3.5 cm; body of pancreas: 1.5 cm; tail of pancreas: 1.3 cm; internal echo was low, and the borders were blurred.) No improvement was seen after treatment; on the contrary, the symptoms exacerbated with more uncomfortable feeling, jaundice, panfever, “As if entering a volcano”, completely loss of appetite, hoarseness, etc. At that time, the wife of the patient brought back “C” Formula Herbal Tea and “Y” Formula Herbal Tea from Hong Kong. With the thought of giving them a try, the patient started drinking the herbal teas. Surprisingly, after drinking three times, on the next day, the patient wanted to eat. Within three months of drinking the teas, the jaundice disappeared, appetite resumed to normal, the face was flushing, the gray hair gradually turned black, the patient was healed and released from hospital.

2. Dequn Yao, female, 51 years old. On April 1, 1994, the patient underwent an “intestinal cancer removal operation” at Nadasu Hospital of Hong Kong. After the operation, the patient was treated with chemotherapy. Without any improvement, the patient still had the following symptoms: asthenia, hyphemia, lassitude, hematochezia. When the patient was re-hospitalized on March 20, 1994, it was found that the tumor had transferred to liver, and an operation was needed. When the patient was hesitating, her younger sister recommended “C” Formula Herbal Tea and “Y” Formula Herbal Tea to her. Upon drinking the teas, within a couple of days, the following appeared: (1) Secretion from nasal cavity was increased and black ball shaped substances were spitted out; (2) Large amount of black watery feces were defecated, and the spirit and appetite were improved. With the continued use of the teas, the magnetic resonance scan on May 10 found that the two shadows in the liver had disappeared, and the doctor considered that an operation was no longer needed. The patient was required to be reexamined after three months.

3. Shuhua Li, female, 48 years old. The patient was diagnosed to have “lymph node cancer on the left neck” at Sha Tin Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong in September, 1993. In October, the patient underwent a cancer removal operation followed by radiation therapy. Without any improvement, the cancer was found on April 13, 1994 to have transferred to the supraclavicular lymph nodes on the right side of the neck with a size of about 4 cm. With the recommendation of a friend, the patient started drinking “C” Formula Herbal Tea and “Y” Formula Herbal Tea on April 22. On June 2 (after drinking the teas for over a month), the enlarged lymph nodes had reduced to 0.5 cm. On June 28, the tumor had disappeared.

4. Shuqin Li, female, 56 years old. The patient had a long medical history of “anaphylactic asthma” with symptoms of being afraid of cold, sweating, arthralgia. Examinations at Beijing Concord Hospital verified that the patient was allergic to dust and moisture, having tremendous inconvenience in daily life. After drinking “C” Formula Herbal Tea and “Y” Formula Herbal Tea for 18 days, the general health had improved. Although the patient still had asthma, the severity had been reduced, and the pantalgia was alleviated. Three months later, the patient completely recovered, with full vitality, normal appetite, gained bodily weight, and no allergic reaction even walking through refrigeration room.

5. Nuoting Yang, female, 30 years old. The patient’s illness was diagnosed as lupus erythematosus in November, 1985 at the Nan Kui Yong Clinic of Hong Kong. She was treated with hormone, with fluctuating results. Two to three years later, she also contracted another disease: “chronic nephritis”, and suffered from anasarca, the side effect of the hormone treatment. Since the diseases were not under control, she was then treated with “anticancer injection”, without satisfactory effect. The urinary protein level reached above 9.0. In April, 1993, she started drinking “C” Formula Herbal Tea and “Y” Formula Herbal Tea which were recommended by a friend. At the beginning, due to the lack of confidence and insufficient dosage, no effects were observed. Then, the dosage of “C” Formula was increased, with the hope of a last try. Two months later, the urinary protein level was reduced to 2.0. The doctor’s analysis was as follows: Because of the prolonged suffering of chronic nephritis, the kidney might have been damaged. Therefore, the patient’s condition should be considered as under control, although the urinary protein level was maintained at 2.0. The patient’s vitality and self feeling were good enough to be considered as having recovered.

VIII. Discussions

“C” Formula: Esssential ingredients: burdock root, rhubarb root, slippery elm bark, sheep sorrel. Burdock is one of the best herbs for cleansing blood, since it can effectively remove the acid substances in blood. Burdock root can make the pituitary gland secrete large amount of proteins and help balance the hormones of the body.

Rhubarb root has lightly purgative, hemostatic, and tonic function.

Slippery elm bark can improve the functions of adrenal gland, help producing blood, and clean undesirable impurities from many organs of the body.

Sheep sorrel can remove the putrid substances from blood. The human body constantly absorbs all kinds of undesirable and toxic substances from various sources: the chemical additives and food colors in the food, the carcinogenic substances in the pesticide and drinking water, the pollutants in the air, etc. If the toxic substances are allowed to accumulate in the body, the immunologic system may be inhibited or damaged to some extent. In this case, various diseases may be contracted: cancer, asthma, allergy, rheumatic arthritis, internal secretion imbalance, tee. “C” Formula can remove the toxic substances from the body in a short time.

“Y” Formula: Essential ingredients: schidigera yucca, licorice root, fennel seed, clove buds, anise seed, cinnamon bark, etc.

Schidigera yucca has been used for hundreds of years to treat pain, wounds, and skin rash, etc.

Licorice root can strengthen the functions of adrenal gland, making the adrenal cortex produce more cortisone and aldosterone. Fennel seed has sedative effect on the nerves, and hence it can help remove the impurities from the body, alleviate pains, stop convulsion, and help with digestion.

Clove buds contain the strongest bactericide. It can also help with blood circulation, digestion, and increase the nutrition absorption capacity of the body.

Anise seed can dissolve the catarrh of the digestion system or between the nose and throat.

Cinnamon bark can eliminate flatulence from the gastrointestinal tract, and enforce the digestive function of the stomach.

Because of the eating habit of our modern human being, the toxic substances in the preservatives, pigments, pesticides, etc. gradually form a thick mucous membrane in the intestinal cavity. The membrane reduces our capacity to absorb nutritious from the food, and makes the ferment secretion of the beneficial bacteria abnormal, severely disrupting the immunologic functions of the body. According to medical researches conducted in the United States, more than ninety percent of the internal diseases were caused by the mucous membrane. If the accumulated toxic substances are removed from the intestinal duct, many diseases will be eliminated automatically. Schidigera yucca in “Y” Formula, a plant of Liliaceae growing in desert, is a natural detergent of the human body. It can help discharge the accumulated toxic waste in the intestines out of the human body, increase the absorbing capacity, increase and adjust the ferment secretion of the intestinal cavity, and improve blood circulation and immunologic function.

“C” Formula and “Y” Formula are like a catalyst for the whole body. They provide the most important elements for recovering – detoxification. Therefore, the blood becomes clean – the oxygen carrying capacity is increased – the ferment making returns to normal – the immunologic adjusting function becomes more sensative – and anti-disease ability is increased. Therefore, notable clinical effects may be observed.


IX. Summary

This article has summarized 583 cases of taking “C” Formula and “Y” Formula (288 cases of cancer, 84 cases of asthma, 176 cases of rhinallergosis, 35 cases of lupus erythematosus). Of the 288 cases of cancer patients, 145 cases were notably effective, accounting for 50.37%; 100 cases were effective, accounting for 34.70%. The most effective cases were observed on the patients with intestinal cancer, malignant lymphoma, nasopharyugeal carcinoma, leukemia. Of the 84 cases of asthma, 11 were healed, 30 were notably effective, 36 were effective, and the total effective rate was 92.47%. Of the 176 cases of rhinallergosis, the total effective rate was 94.89%. For the 35 cases of lupus erythematosus, the total effective rate was 92.86%. Generally speaking, the combined use of “C” Formula and “Y” Formula on the same patient was very effective on strengthening /adjusting the function of the immunologic system of the human body. Otherwise, the independent use of either of the drugs was not as effective. For more than seventy years, the two drugs have been indeed effective in cancer prevention and treatment. Tea, in fact, can be medicine with good taste and enjoyable. However, since the essential ingredients of “C” Formula and “Y” Formula are pure herbs, “C” Formula and “Y” Formula should be classified as effective medicine.

For the in-depth mechanism of function of “C” Formula and “Y” Formula, more observations and research are underway.



Note:    This summary was put together by Dr. John Fong and was published in the “China Medical Journal” in 1996. The article was selected as one of the most outstanding medical articles of the year.