Health Hope Reborn — Scientifically Proven!

Canadian Herbal Remedies tested and proven
by the Ministry of Health of China of their safety and effectiveness.  

Unleash Your Self-Healing Power

Are you looking for a truly effective alternative treatment for your health condition? Look no further because you already have it. Your own immune system is the most powerful healing machine!

However, you need the right tools to initiate your self healing power. Getting the right tools is essential. They will assist your body’s powerful healing functions which will help you correct your health problem.

Your immune system is the best medicine you have for many degenerative diseases, including cancer. Natural remedies may not harm your immune system as surgeries, chemical drugs and radiation. Alternative medicine may provide a better solution. Building up your health naturally is what your body needs. However, you may be worried about alternative remedies because they do not have any scientific support. You may not be sure whether they really work……whether they are really effective……

Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation …… invasive treatments with serious side effects.

Alternative treatments …… no scientific proof of effectiveness .

NOW, you can have a better choice!

Learn more about how CESSIAC & YUCCALIVE, these two time-tested and scientifically proven herbal products, can help you initiate your self-healing functions. These Canadian herbal formulas are exceptionally safe, fast, effective, and they are scientifically proven by extensive studies in China under the strict supervision of the Ministry of Health of China.

From 1993-1996, the Ministry of Health of China appointed three reputable hospitals in China to conduct scientifically controlled tests on these formulas as well as on their individual ingredients.  The effectiveness of the combined use of these two formulas was clearly demonstrated. Extensive use in Hong Kong also showed how the combined use of these two formulas could positively impact the immune system.

Powerful tools for you to unlock your self-healing power.

Strong evidence throughout the past 80 years.

Clinically proven under strict supervision of the Ministry of Health of China.

Let your immune system take care of your health problem!

These herbal formulas are now being manufactured in British Columbia, Canada under a GMP (Good manufacturing practice — medicine manufacturing standards) environment.  The production is carefully monitored; the finished products are fully controlled and measured with the specifications and standards set up by the Chinese Ministry of Health. In other words, professional quality control ensures consistent & effective products.

Safe, fast, effective, and PROVEN! CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE are powerful tools to help your body unleash and enhance its self-healing function. These products are not just folklore remedies. These are scientifically proven and extensively tested formulas that really work by helping you build up your immune system. As a result, your self-healing power will start to work and will be able to correct many of your degenerative problems. The combined use of CESSIAC and YUCCALIVE will restore your internal environment and provide the proper conditions for your body to regain health.

Learn more of how these products can help you rebuild your immune system and reverse your health condition……… take a look at the Chinese clinical studies.